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"Thank you for visiting the Asian Archery Federation homepage!"

On behalf of the World Archery Asia (WAA), I would like to sincerely welcome all of our WAA member associations as well as the legions of archery enthusiasts from around the world.

With a long, rich history dating back to ancient times, archery has steadily grown into one of the worldĄŻs most competitive precision sports. In particular, Asian archery has garnered much recognition for its rise as a leader on the international archery stage thanks in large part to your passionate cheers and steadfast support. The Asian Archery Federation is dedicated to the promotion and development of a variety of projects aimed at continually enhancing the competitiveness of archery on the Asian Continent.

The WAA will always be on your side as we strive together to ensure the evolution of Asian archery to never before seen heights.

Thank you for your continuous support and attention to the sport of archery.